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Hiring Advice – The Best Way to Find Your Next Qualified Candidates

When it comes to recruiting, it’s usually not about getting enough people to apply for the job, but rather selecting which of the candidates is best for the job. It’s fairly common when hiring someone who has a fabulous resume, great references and sparkles in the interview to fall completely flat when it comes to doing the job.

It’s vital to understand how recruiting the right person involves more than just what it says on paper or how they conduct themselves in an interview, you will need to cut through that to find the one who can excel in the job.

Five Tips to Hiring the Right Person

  • Define the Job
    Starting with the job description, set up meetings with recruiters who will be doing the hiring and play the strategy in order to select from the candidates the right person for the job. This means that everyone needs to know what the job entails, the assignments, pressures and flexibility needed to actually perform the tasks.

  • Create a Checklist
    You will need to create a checklist with all the recommended attributes needed to perform the job. It will start with the basic requirements such as education and experience, but it will need to proceed to other attributes that are vital to fulfilling the job as well. When the candidate meets one of the requirements, check that off your list.

  • Screen the Credentials
    With your checklist at the ready, screen the credentials of the applicants who meet the basic requirements for the position. This is important because you want to eliminate those whose credentials are not backed up or perhaps are misleading in nature. By taking the time to go over this part of the hiring process, you can eliminate candidates who are not qualified for the job.

  • Ask the Right Questions
    The job interview is where you get to know the candidates and judge their responses, so be sure to ask the most pertinent questions. This will help you separate the right candidate from the rest of the pack. So, go over your questions to be sure that they direct relate to the job that needs to be performed.

  • Check Background and References
    Once you have really narrowed down the field, be sure to check out their backgrounds and references so that you can verify the information that they have given you. While you are limited in the responses that you can receive, it is important to know if the person was hired for the duration they mentioned and if their references actually check out as well.

Overall, perhaps the best way to improve you hiring system is to gear your efforts to finding the right person who can actually do the details of the job and has the growth potential to advance. All too often the focus is on who is the most qualified when it should be about who appears to have the most potential to do the job. By focusing your efforts the right way, you can wade through the candidates in the recruiting process and hiring the right one for your needs.