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Ten Steps to a Better Career

To improve your career may not be as hard as you might think. While there are some steps that are obvious, many people do not take advantage of all the opportunities to really improve their job status. Whether you are looking for a new career or just making the most out of the one you have, here are ten steps you can take to improve your chances.

  1. Plan Your Career: Sketch out your career from where you are currently at to where you want to be in the future. You should have long range goals and the steps to take you there all planned out.
  2. Learn New Skills: Arguably the most important step towards improving your career is learning new skills. This not only shows your employer how seriously you take your career, it can also help when it comes to promotions and moving to a new career if needed.
  3. Know When to Leave: While some jobs may last a lifetime, most jobs do not last nearly that long. Understand the signs that your job may be threatened and know when to move on. By leaving on at the time of your choosing, you can avoid getting caught unprepared when the worst happens.
  4. Update Your Resume: Always keep your resume and cover letter updated just in case a new opportunity arises at another company. This way, you’ll always be prepared rather than having to scramble. 
  5. Create a Social Media Presence: You’ll want to create social media sites for your professional career, especially on LinkedIn which is geared towards employment. In this manner, you can stay updated and new employers can check out the public profile you want them to see. 
  6. Understand Your Greatest Weakness: It’s the worst question to get asked at a job interview, but one that you’ll need to know the answer. Be honest about what you say and make improvements in that area. 
  7. Know When You Didn’t Land the Job: If you have applied for a job, understand the signs of when you didn’t get it so you can move on to the next opportunity. All too often, people waste time in waiting for news that never comes. 
  8. Keep Aware: You should spend a little time each day staying up on the latest news in the industry, new skills that you might want to learn and job opportunities that might come your way. By staying informed, you will increase your opportunities. 
  9. Seize the Right Opportunity: Just like you know when you haven’t landed a job, so too you should recognize when the right opportunity comes along. Don’t let the opportunity slip past when it happens. 
  10. When You Can’t Find the Opportunity, Create It: Many successful people started out by working for others before they decided to work for themselves. You can start by networking and saving your money to start your own business so that you can create a new career that will last you a lifetime. 

Taking these steps to improve your career will also enhance your options as well. This is vital for anyone who wants to make the most out of their talents.