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Ways to Attract & Retain Employees

An employee is more than someone who works for you as they represent an investment to your business. From the time they were recruited and hired to the work they have put in to advance the efforts of your company, they are part of the overall success. To find and retain the best employees is not always an easy task, especially with the pressures of maintaining your company.

Here are three ways to find the right personnel for your needs.

  • Capable: You will need to find the right candidate that is capable of doing the job. This means more than just their qualifications, but also their maturity, drive and spirit as well. You should be able to pick out the motivated ones from the rest of the candidates so that you can get the best.
  • Compatible: Although job performance is certainly the most important and measurable aspect, the person you hire will need to be compatible with those they have to work with in order to be effective. This is because a person who is not compatible can be more of a distraction which might be more detrimental than he or she is worth. However, keep in mind the nature of the compatibility and work to ensure that it is minimized if at all possible.
  • Drive: The person you hire needs to be driven to succeed. Basically, they need to see their career as steps towards an ultimate goal. By identifying the ones who have the drive, you will be getting an employee who will do their best all the time

Now that you have found them, here are three simple ways to help retain the employees that have made the biggest contribution to your company.

  1. Communicate in Person: Personal contact with a really good employee is paramount to keeping them on the job. The more you can talk to them face to face whether it is about the business or just personal matters, you are creating a bond that will make it harder for them to leave.

  2. Be a Coach, not a Manager: It is important that you empower your employees to take on assignments and provide them with the tools necessary to do the job. Be there for them to check in, answer questions, give approval to their recommendations and offer advice when needed. The more an employee feels empowered, the greater the tie to the business.

  3. Create Opportunities for Advancement: Most good employees are looking to advance their career, so provide them with the opportunities to do so. Be sure that they are aware of new opportunities for advancement which may help keep them at your company.

Despite your best efforts, it may not be possible to keep all of your best employees. This is especially true if they want to run their own business someday or perhaps see themselves in another industry. However, by putting forth the effort to hire the right ones and keeping them, you will greatly increase your chances of getting the best employees to stay with your company.